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North Yorkshire, Native Breed Beef Steaks

All our steaks are from British native breed cattle and from North Yorkshire farms that we know and trust. The cattle are predominantly grass fed and free from growth promoters and antibiotics. Due to the nature of native breeds, and the time they take to reach maturity, the steaks have a good fat content and deep beefy flavour.

All our beef is aged for a minimum of 28 days in a climate controlled room with Himalayan rock salt. This “dry ageing” process, along with the salt, draws moisture from the steak tenderising the meat and concentrating the flavour.

Large Bone in Steaks 

These steaks are our most popular steaks. Cut into large portions making them ideal for grilling or reverse searing. Many customers buy these steaks online and have them delivered for a weekend treat.
The rib steak is a whole slice of fore rib of native breed beef, the same cut as you would have for a forerib roast.
The tomahawk and cote de boeuf are the same cut as the rib steak, but trimmed of the outer fat cap and leaving the bone exposed. These are a ribeye steak on the bone.
The sirloin rib steak is slightly leaner than the rib steak, cut from the sirloin end of the rib. This is the same as a wing rib roast or a sirloin steak on the bone.
The T-bone steak is always popular, having both fillet and sirloin in the same steak.
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    Native Breed Beef – Tomahawk Steak – 40oz

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    2 x 32oz Rib Steak Box

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    Two 32oz Cote de Boeuf Steak Box

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  • Sale! T-Bone Steak Box

    Native Breed T-Bone Steak Box

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  • Buy Sirloin Rib Steak

    Native Breed Beef – Sirloin Rib Steak – 32oz (900g)

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  • Cote de Boeuf

    Native Breed Beef – Cote de Boeuf – 32oz (900g)

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  • Buy T Bone Steak Online

    Native Breed Beef – T-Bone Steak – 32oz (900g)

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  • British Beef

    Native Breed Beef Rib Chop – 32oz (900g)

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Classic Steaks

These are the classic steaks that you will find in all butcher’s shops and still as popular as ever.

Fillet steak is the most tender steak for a special occasion and should not be overcooked as it becomes tough.

Sirloin steak has more depth of flavour than fillet and has more bite. Can be cooked from rare to well done.

Ribeye has lots of flavour and fat. It tends to need cooking longer to break down the connective tissue.

Rump steak has bags of flavour, but can become tough if over cooked.

  • Dry aged fillet steaks

    Native Breed Beef – Fillet Steak

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  • Native breed dry aged sirloin steak

    Native Breed Beef Sirloin Steak

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  • Native Breed Beef Rib Eye Steaks

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  • Dry aged native breed rump steaks

    Native Breed Beef – Rump Steaks

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Alternative Steaks

These steaks that were once popular with butchers have become so again. They offer a tasty alternative steak when cooked in the right way.

Picanha steak is popular in Argentina where it is cooked on a spit over flame. This from the cap of the rump.

Flat Iron, Bavette and Featherblade steaks all have lots of flavour and are best cooked quickly and at a high heat.

  • Picanha Steaks

    Native Breed Beef Picanha Steaks 2 x 397g

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  • Buy Flat Iron Steak Online

    Native Breed Beef – Flat Iron Steak

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  • Longhorn Feather Blade Steaks

    Rare Breed Beef Featherblade Steak

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  • Rare Breed Beef Bavette Steak

    Native Breed Beef – Bavette Steak

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Sauces for your steak

We have a range of sauces to compliment steaks. Made by TRUEFoods  in exactly the same way any high calibre chef would.