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Grid Iron Meat – Online Butchers

At Grid Iron Meat we are specialist online butchers, supplying British native breed meat throughout the UK.

As online butchers we work closely with a small number of farms in North Yorkshire to find the best cuts of beef, lamb, pork, game and poultry. All our beef and pork is from British native breed animals that have been reared in a traditional way without the use of growth promoters and antibiotics. Our lamb and mutton comes from farms in the hills of North Yorkshire where they graze on lush pastures, putting on weight naturally. Our poultry is free range from Yorkshire.

In the butchery is a purpose built maturation room where beef and pork can be dry aged with Himalayan rock salt to intensify the flavour and tenderise the meat. As online butchers we are able to prepare your order on the day before delivery to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition with the longest life. Your order is prepared by expert butchers and individually vacuum packed and labelled before being placed in an insulated delivery box with ice packs to maintain the temperature. We deliver before noon from Tuesday to Friday.


Our Beef

All our beef is from British native breeds and has been grass fed and reared traditionally on North Yorkshire farms. Native breeds of beef grow much more slowly than those that are bred for efficient meat production. This allows the animal to put on weight naturally and slowly which all adds to flavour and texture. These breeds also carry more fat and have great marbling throughout the meat. All our beef is aged in a purpose built maturation room with Himalayan rock salt. We’re always happy to discuss specific breeds or ageing requirements. Give us a call if you need help.