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Yorkshire Native Breed Meat & Charcuterie

From North Yorkshire farms direct to your door.

Farming of native and heritage breed meat in North Yorkshire is important for preserving the region’s cultural heritage and supporting small-scale farmers.

The rearing of native breeds helps to maintain the genetic diversity of the livestock population and provides products with unique qualities & characteristics.

This traditional way of farming helps to preserve the local environment and contribute to the biodiversity of the region.

Additionally, farming native breeds uses sustainable methods of farming that help to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, such as using traditional grazing patterns, and not relying on artificial inputs.

We’re proud to contribute to this by supporting our local farms.

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Prepared fresh in the butchery the day before delivery. Always fresh, not frozen!

Native breed meat is known for its high quality and unique flavour.

These breeds have been selected over generations for specific characteristics such as hardiness, disease resistance, and ability to thrive in their specific environment.

As a result, the meat of native breeds tends to be fatter, resulting in more depth of flavour, and more nutritious than that of commercial breeds.

Because native breeds are raised on natural grazing, they tend to be free of artificial hormones and antibiotics, which are often used in industrial farming. 

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Our range of locally produced artisan charcuterie.

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Latest Additions

Introducing The Yorkshire Pasta Company

All Natural. Plastic Free. Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly.

The Yorkshire Pasta Company take pasta back to basics, making pasta slowly and authentically with locally sourced flour.

The shapes are created by pressing through bronze dies. This creates a rough surface to help absorb delicious sauces.


Not Just For Breakfast.

We now have our own dedicated charcuterie unit, in Skipton, close to the smokery. This has allowed us to extend our Old Fashioned bacon range to make more products. Alongside our back bacon and streaky bacon, we have gammon joints, gammon hocks, bacon chunks, bacon lardons, collar bacon and pancetta. Bacon in it’s various forms makes a great ingredient for enhancing other dishes.


Native Breed Beef Steaks

We have a great selection of large native breed beef steaks on offer. All dry aged with Himalayan in a climate controlled maturation room.

Native Breed Yorkshire Charcuterie

Our range of charcuterie products made with the best ingredients from North Yorkshire farms.

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