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How To Use Our Meat Rub

A dry rub is a mixture of dried ingredients and herbs and spices used to rub onto food to enhance the flavour and in some cases tenderise and add texture.

How to use our Original Meat Rub.

Grid Iron Meat Rub on SteakPat your meat, fish or poultry dry with a clean tea towel or strong paper towel (if you use cheap ones, they end up breaking up and stuck to the meat).

Give the meat a good coating of the rub, massaging into all the folds and joints. With poultry and fish, get inside the cavity as well. Don’t be squeamish or afraid of making a mess, it’s easy enough to clean up and worth it. To help with coating, it’s sometimes better to massage a thin coating of oil onto the meat first.

If you’re a bit of a clean freak or don’t like the idea of massaging meat, you could always put the meat into a large enough plastic bag, add plenty of the rub and then shake it around. This is particularly good for small pieces of chicken and fish etc, but it’s still the whimps way out and not as much fun.

If you can leave the rub on the meat for at least 30 minutes before cooking, in some cases overnight in the fridge is good as this really lets the flavour dig in and tenderise the meat. This will depend, of course, on what your cooking and how your cooking it. A good technique is to put the meat into a plastic bag to keep the rub in contact with it.

You can mix the rub with olive oil, yoghurt or butter etc to make a paste that you can paint or rub onto the meat during cooking.

Flat Iron SteakTry our original rub on some Flat Iron Steak fried on a griddle plate for a few minutes each side (don’t over cook them) and you’ll be amazed at the result.

Make sure that your griddle is nice and hot and apply a little oil… the rub will caramelise on the steaks to add a wonderful texture and flavour.