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Grid Iron Original Meat BBQ Rub

Grid Iron Original Meat BBQ RubAfter a summer of experimenting with different recipes for an all purpose BBQ rub, we’re finally happy that we’ve come up with one that works.

We’ve called it our “Original Meat Rub” and packaged it in a lovely looking tin so that we can offer it to retailers and share with as many people as possible.

We were selective about the quality of the ingredients and keen to make a consistent product with a bit of punch to bring out the flavour of meat and poultry for grilling, smoking and slow cooking.

Our Original Meat Rub will add flavour to all meat and poultry, it’s a combination of herbs and spices that brings out meaty flavours making it a perfect rub for BBQ’s, grilling, frying and roasts to add savoury and umami flavours with some caramelisation from the sugar and an undertone of smokiness.

The rub is added to meat prior to cooking. The dry mixture forms a coating on the meat which helps to compliment and add to the natural flavour, components such as the sugar and salt help to tenderise the meat and caramelise under heat bringing new textures and additional flavour. Although the rub can be added as a seasoning just prior to cooking, the longer it remains in contact, the more flavour will be absorbed, often leaving overnight is recommended.

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Suggested Uses: You can use this rub as a dry marinade for beef, lamb pork and poultry, it goes really well with steak and chicken, rub all over the meat and leave to marinade for at least 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge if possible to allow the flavours to develop. Use as a seasoning in sausages, burgers, stews and casseroles. his rub can even be added to your dumpling mix to make delicious savoury dumpling to accompany a stew, add to savoury crumble toppings, pies and breadcrumb coatings for meat. (more detail)

Ingredients: Salt, Soft Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Garlic Powder, Herbs and Spices.