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British Beef Online

We supply the finest British beef from native breed cattle. All our beef is from North Yorkshire farms and is dry aged with Himalayan rock salt in a purpose built maturation room. The cattle are mostly grass fed with some being beer fed, like the beer fed Dexter from Mount Grace farm. Expert butchers prepare orders on the day before delivery to ensure the best quality and freshness.

The British beef we select is normally over 30 months, native breed and from trusted local North Yorkshire farms. Cattle of this age have more chance to develop flavourful and tender meat with good fat content. Our beef has been reared free range, feeding on grass pastures with added hay and silage in the winter months. This diet combined with the natural slow growth of native breeds produces great marbling in the meat and a distinctive flavour, lacking from commercially bred beef.

The farms we use understand the needs of the breeds they specialise in and how to bring them to the peak of condition. British native breed beef can’t be rushed. This is one reason that it fell out of favour and became “rare” breeds. We like to treat our beef like fine wine, each primal cut has it’s own character and we’re happy to discuss with customers to find the best fit.

Our beef is aged for a minimum of 28 days and we regularly set aside specific breeds and cuts for much longer. These can usually be found in our SteakHolder Club area. We use a purpose built maturation room in the Taste Tradition butchery near Ripon in North Yorkshire. Himalayan rock salt is used in the room to make the perfect conditions for ageing. The ageing process combined with the rock salt intensifies the flavour and tenderises the muscle. The rock salt dries and cleans the air, allowing is to age for 100 days and more without spoiling the meat. Walk into the ageing room and you are hit with a sweet, nutty aroma reminiscent of times gone by.

Some of the British beef breeds we often have available:

Dexter Beef

Dexter cattle are the smallest breed in Europe and produce neat cuts of beef that are smaller than some of the other breeds. The meat often has a darker colour and a strong, beefy flavour. We also have beer fed Dexter beef from Mount Grace farm which has stronger marbling and creamy fat content.

British Longhorn Beef

We have a particular fondness for the Longhorn as it originated in Craven, our part of North Yorkshire. These are large bodied cattle originally bred for working and producing milk. The Longhorn beef usually has a good fat covering and marbling in the meat with great depth of flavour. Well suited to long ageing.

Belted Galloway Beef

These cattle are well suited to the uplands of North Yorkshire and can often be seen throughout the region, looking like pandas with their distinctive black and white colouring. They produce great beef with good marbling.

Hereford Beef

These chaps are very popular and you see them throughout the country. They are good and reliable and we often set some aside in the ageing room for our SteakHolders.

British White Beef

These are relatively small cattle that have been with us from Roman times. They produce lovely tasting beef.

Shorthorn Beef

British Wagyu Beef

These are probably the most famous cattle amongst beef fans. They are well built black cattle that produce great marbling in the meat. One of the farms that our beef comes from has a good sized heard and we expect to be able to find some great examples soon.

Luing Beef

We don’t have this very often as it’s quite a rare breed, but when we do have some it’s very popular and sells out quickly.