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Specially selected cuts of native breed meats

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All our meat is native breed, free range, fed on a natural diet and allowed to mature naturally on North Yorkshire farms.

Our SteakHolder selection features specific primal cuts that we have selected for a particular quality and set aside to age before offering to the group

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Salt aged to perfection

We age our beef and pork for extra flavour and texture. We have our own maturation room in our butchery, where we use Himalayan rock salt to help draw out moisture.

Salt Aged Beef

Gridiron Gourmet Selection

Whole Pork Collar Joint (2.2kg)

Native Breed Pork Collar This is a wonderfully versatile cut from the shoulder. Perfect for roasting, cutting into steaks or making into charcuterie such as coppa. The meat is marbled …



Native Breed Pork – Boston Butt (3kg)

The upper part of the shoulder, bone in, from North Yorkshire native breed pork. This is the perfect cut for making pulled pork, or just for cooking low ‘n’ slow. …



Native Breed Beef – Porterhouse Steak

A chunky bone in dry aged steak. Our Porterhouse steaks are cut from the thick end of the rib and loin. They are from British native breed beef from North …


Grid Iron Charcuterie

A range of the finest British charcuterie prepared traditionally using native breeds

Charcuterie Selection

Gluten Free Black Pudding

Fresh blood black pudding made with Gluten Free oats, fresh blood, buckwheat, onions, spices and pork fat. We believe at least 95% of the black pudding produced in the UK …



Yorkshire Frankfurters (Top Dogs)

SLOW GROWN FAST FOOD Everyone loves a Hot Dog, the problem is we always get that nagging feeling of wondering what’s actually in it. The Grid Iron Company have solved …

£7.50 £5.50


Fresh Blood Black Pudding

As seen on Friday Night Feast, few people produce traditional, fresh blood black pudding. This pudding made by Fruit Pig is a sumptuous mix of fresh blood, oats, pearl barley, …