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Boston Butt – Pork Shoulder

Boston Butt – Pork Shoulder

If you want to make the best pulled pork ever then this is the cut for you. Cook it low ‘n’ slow and you won’t be disappointed.

What is a Boston Butt

order boston butt onlinePulled pork is generally made from the pork shoulder, but we believe that the best part of the shoulder for it is the Boston butt. The Boston butt is taken from the top part of the shoulder often known as the collar. The bone is often left in, sometimes with part of the rib. This adds to the flavour when cooking and also helps to distribute heat and retain moisture in the joint. This part of the pig, particularly with native breeds, has a good fat content and marbling in the meat to further add to the flavour and succulence of the end result. The Boston butt is particularly popular amongst our BBQ customers who see it as the choice cut for low ‘n’ slow smoking and grilling. You can get equally good results in your oven at home.

Our tip would be to give it a rub with your choice of BBQ rub or just with some good salt and freshly ground pepper. Then put it in a large roasting bag and put it into an oven at around 150c or less. Cook it until the internal temperature is above 80c and then take it out of the oven and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. Open the bag into a roasting tin, pull out the bones and then shred it. You might want to add some BBQ sauce, but give it a try first as it’s delicious as it is!

How Boston Butt got its name

During colonial days New England butchers tended to take, what were the, the less prized cuts of pork like shoulder and pack them into barrels with salt for storage and transport. The barrels the pork went into were called butts. This particular shoulder cut became known around the country as a New England specialty, and hence it became the “Boston butt.”

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Boston Butt

Native Breed Pork Boston Butt

The Boston butt that we sell online is around 6kg in weight. We leave the blade bone intact to help with heat transfer during cooking. We usually leave the skin on to give you the choice to cook it that way. If you would like us to remove the skin please let u know.

All our pork is from native breeds and from Mount Grace Farm near Thirsk or farms that we know well in North Yorkshire. None of our pork is given hormones or treated with antibiotics and the pigs roam and are fed on a natural diet as well as foraging for food.


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